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About Sarova Zawadi

Sarova Hotels brings you East Africa's premier loyalty program, Sarova Zawadi.

Join Sarova Zawadi Rewards Program to receive more benefits, privileges and savings while experiencing truly refreshing African hospitality.

And what's even more exciting, you don't have to wait, you can fast track membership to an elite status of Sarova Zawadi and enjoy rewards as soon as you sign up.

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Earning points is so easy! Simply present your Sarova Zawadi card when paying your bill at Sarova Hotels, Resorts and Game Lodges and we will credit points to your account.



  • 1. What is the name of the Sarova Hotels loyalty program and what does it mean? The loyalty program goes by the name Sarova Zawadi. “Zawadi” is a Swahili word meaning Reward or gift.
  • 2. Who is eligible to join the Sarova Zawadi Rewards Program? Any person over the age of 18 can apply to be a Sarova Zawadi member. Sarova Hotels however reserves the right to restrict membership to any individual.
  • 3. Can the Sarova Zawadi card be used by more than one person? Sarova Zawadi offers individual membership that can only be used by the registered member.
  • 4. What are the levels of Sarova Zawadi memberships? There are three levels of membership, Zawadi Ruby which is the entry tier, Zawadi Emerald which is the middle tier, and Zawadi Diamond which is the highest tier.
  • 5. How does one become a member of Sarova Zawadi Rewards Program? One can apply to become a Zawadi member by visiting any Sarova Hotel, Resort or Game Lodge.
  • 6. How long is membership valid for? The Zawadi Ruby card is valid for 3 years from the date of registration and the Sarova Emerald and Sarova Diamond are both valid for 1 year.
  • 7. What happens when the Zawadi Emerald or Zawadi Diamond membership expires and is not renewed? One is downgraded to the Zawadi Ruby tier.
  • 8. What are the benefits for the Sarova Zawadi Rewards Program?
    Member Exclusive offers, Redemption of free night awards without blackout dates, guaranteed room availability, Hotel privileges and many more. This can be accessed on the website page
  • 9.Can a member access information on the program online? Sarova Zawadi has a dedicated website - . The website contains all the information about the program. Program members, via the ‘log–in’ tab can access personal profiles, and account details.


  • 10. How soon can one start earning points after registration? From the time you receive your physical Sarova Zawadi card you immediately start to earn points.
  • 11. How long does it take for points to be credited in a member’s account? Points will be uploaded between 5 working days after check out.
  • 12. Where can I use my Sarova Zawadi Card to earn points? You can earn points for qualified spend at any Sarova Hotel, Resort or Game Lodge.
  • 13. What is qualified spend? Sarova Zawadi points are earned for individual spend before tax, statutory deductions and after any discount has been applied to the bill. Points cannot be earned for conference and banqueting functions.
  • 14. Is the Sarova Zawadi card and benefits transferable? The card is not transferable and can only be used by the registered member only.
  • 15. Can one claim points for spend before he/she becomes a member? Points cannot be earned for purchases carried out before a member has a valid card or before enrollment.
  • 16. Can I earn points on my temporary card? Yes. A member can earn points manually by simply presenting the temporary card as they wait for the Permanent physical card.


  • 17. Where can a member redeem points? In all Sarova properties designated outlets. Accommodation, Restaurants and Bars, Laundry and Spa Treatments.
  • 18. How long does it take to carry out points redemption? By contacting the Zawadi desk on email for accommodation and for outlets by presenting your Sarova Zawadi card and identification.
  • 19. Can redemptions be issued during a current stay? Yes, all points in a member’s account can be redeemed within a member’s current stay.
  • 20. Can points be transferred? Points cannot be transferred from one member account to another but can be purchased as a gift.
  • 21. Can a member redeem part cash and part points to settle a bill? Yes, a member can redeem part cash and part points to cater for a bill at Sarova outlets only.
  • 22. Can Sarova Zawadi points be exchanged for cash? No, Sarova Zawadi Points cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • 23. Can a member redeem points outside of Sarova Hotels? No, a member can only redeem at any of Sarova Hotels properties.


  • 24. Can a member cancel membership? Your Sarova Zawadi membership can be cancelled either by emailing the Sarova Zawadi Team at [email protected] or calling +254709111000.
  • 25. In the event that a Zawadi card is lost, can a replacement card be issued? Yes. Simply report a lost or damaged card to [email protected] or calling +254709111000 or to any Sarova Hotel and a replacement card will be processed and issues within 7 days at no charge. A charge of 200 will accrue for second card replacement.
  • 26. Can a membership become deactivated? Yes, in the event of fraud, unauthorized use or abuse of the card then the hotel reserves the right to deactivate accounts.


  • 27. Where can a member contact for any assistance required? Members can email
    [email protected] or call +254709111000 for any assistance required.
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